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Frequently Asked Questions

TRASHMAP is an initiative to report trash / litter / social hygiene issues in your vicinity with pictures so that the representatives can view and take action.

You do not have to ignore the litter and trash around, whenever you come across, without making extra efforts, you can report the issue and the concerned person(s) will get an alert immediately.

Once the issues are reported, it is visible on the app/website to everyone and you can share it with friends, family, neighbours, and representatives of the area as well. Representatives can set alert for various areas and they will recv an alert as soon as someone will post a trash on app. It is not sent by TRASHMAP to any authority in specific until he has set an alert for that area.

Anybody Using Android phone can download TRASHMAP from play store and use. Soon it would be available to iPhone users too. Though you can use its limited facility version without sign-in, but signing in with Google or Face book will allow you to use the complete features.

A user can report a problem with GPS enabled android device, by clicking pictures of the trash / litter issues, and add comments to it. You cannot report multiple issues within 20 meters of range in same day.

It’s absolutely free to report. Join the initiative of global cleanliness, report as much as you can, highlight them on world map.

It works everywhere/anywhere on the globe. It has no limitations of geographical boundaries / limitations if its on earth and connected to a network.

Once the issue is reported, its visible to all the users on TRASHMAP app as well as on the website.

No to report an Issue, you need to login, and your Google / face book identity will be revealed, making you responsible for a misreporting. Just in case if someone wants to report abuse/vulgar things, we will be able to remove that user permanently.

The resolver can respond the issue with just a single picture and can request to remove the post. The person who posted the issue will get an alert immediately and he can view replies on his posts.

We are always moderating it and we can always remove such content or images any time.

You can always email us on for all issues.

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